To stop PIPC's plans to Drain Tillson Lake!

Tillson Lake in Minewaska State Park is in danger of being lost forever

Please join Friends of Tillson Lake - and be part of saving and preserving this incredible treasure 

To stop PIPC's plans to Drain Tillson Lake!


Your contributions will pay our Ecologists, Environmentalists, Legal Counsel, and specialists to support our fight to Save Tillson Lake.  Click on the DONATE NOW button, or send  a check to Friends of Tillson Lake, Inc. at PO Box 228, Gardiner, NY 12525. 

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Stop PIPC and NY State Parks Commission from Draining Tillson Lake

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About Us

Learn all about Friends of Tillson Lake

Friends of Tillson Lake has made tremendous progress in just under 6 months. We have all the important legislative officials behind us, our ranks are growing, we have hired the best environmental and ecological scientists, and have the full support of Gardiner and Shawangunk town boards. Click below to read our most recent summary.

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How You Can Help!

You can help in all sorts or ways. Make phone calls and write letters is critical. On this web site go to the contacts page and you can download the contacts list with phone numbers and addresses. Letters and phone calls are so important. 

Of course Donations are critical to fund our scientists and legal counsel.

Enjoy Tillson Lake

Tillson Lake is beautiful.

It is free to visit.

Great Fishing -  brown trout, bass,  catfish, and many more types of fish abound.

Amazing birds including Bald Eagle, Heron, geese, ducks, and so many more.

Come in the evening to see the Beaver community!

Bring your boat and kayaks (and make sure to get your boating license).

Tillson Lake is simply MAGICAL. And it is YOURS!

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